CheerNo, TDR and Mens Depart Items

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Hey Guys,

Today we dont have releases at CheerNo Main Store, but we have 2 new itens in this amazing events.

The Dressing Room, we have the fantastic Ring LUV! in 2 diferente materials, Gold and Silver, and the better is the price, only L$40

The Mens Department, we have the amazing hair Jolly, a amazing Curly Hair in only 3 tones, Dark, Blond and Red.

This items are exclusives and you will never find they at Main Land later, so run and get it  your favorite now.


CheerNo is  going to be out for some days, but Jarl Soderstrom nd Kira Ahn are here to help you, so if you need help please contact they.

Dont Forget we have some new amazing releases at Mode and Body Store and a super salle in the outlet.

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Have a nice Week.

CheerNo Team